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    Edison Mini-breakout - +5v(ish) available with external power?


      Sorry I should be able to deduce this, but before I measure and imply (and maybe screw up 2nd one), I was wondering,


      If I plug the Edison into external power (example +12v wall wart), are there any pins on the mini-breakout where I can grab something near +5v  to power something like a ping sensor as well as TTL level converter to then do the conversion of IO levels?


      I would assume there is as I know that something feeds the USB power.   On which pin (V_SYS? V_IN?)...

      If so, how much current can be sourced?




      P.S. - I soldered on and I am using external barrel connector (digi-key).  I mainly went to it as I did not want to accidentally connect the power to pin connectors in reverse.  Really wish there were some markings (+-) by the pins.