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    Using XBee Series1 with galileo gen 2


      Dear Community members


      Hi. I have recently bought few galileo boards and i implement to run CoAP protocol on them. I have found a protocol stack known as Pico IPv6 stack. This stack comprises of CoAP/IPv6 and they have used XBee Series1 for IEEE 802.15.4 for Arduino UNO.




      I want to implement the same stack for Intel Galileo. However, i haven't found any link/thread using XBee Series1 with Intel Galileo.  If any of the community member has some tutorial/link for configuring XBee Series1 for intel Galileo? Any help in this regard will b highly appreciated. I google around and check on community here but most of the members are using PCI-e and it would be a big task to configure the above cumbersome code for PCI-e. Any help?