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    Keep RAID5 while switching boards?


      Hi there,


      I run a RAID5 on a Intel DG45ID board (G45 chipset) with 3 1TB discs. I want to move that array to a MSI P45 Neo3-FR board (P45 chipset)


      Is it possible to migrate the RAID without the need to rebuild it / backup it somewhere and recreate it?


      Like, pluggin in the drives to the same SATA ports on the other mainboard and vola it works?


      Thanks for your help!

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          It is possible to do this even if the ICHXXR is newer however if the OS is on the RAID you will/might have to run a repair of Windows this applies if the OS is not on RAID but on another HDD as well.

          Just plug the drives on the new board (Ones that are from the ICHXXR) and enable RAID in the BIOS and it will detect the array.