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    Trouble with Intel Smart Connect Technology


      I have a new Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus (NP940X3G-K03SE) that shipped with the Intel Experience Center. My question concerns the Intel Smart Connect Technology software that is supposed to update running apps (like news, Exchange email, weather etc) while the computer is in standby/hibernate.

      I have yet to get this to work, if you check the logs for the control panel of ISCT it does show that it has been awoken numerous times but no data has ever been transmitted.

      The schedule is set to check every 15 minutes, apps have been left running albeit minimized. Have not been able to find any switches in the BIOS pertaining to this so I assume it is working. Would like some help in troubleshooting, have been in touch with Samsung support who referred me to Intel which does not offer personal support on this software.