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    dfu works on no platform


      i've tried upgrading the firmware or installing ubilinux on 3 different platforms and the flash all tool never recognizes the board (edison + mini breakout).  i've confirmed usb serial UART works by shelling into the unit.


      i'm at my end.  is anyone seeing thing?  i was hoping that by switching to ubilinux i could more easily correct the fact that this board continually deactivates the wifi on boot.

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          Did you run as sudo? Did you try different cables?

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            Ready Wi-Fi. Did you try connman? Works fine for me. No need to touch wpa_supplicant configs but everything from within connmanctl. Wi-Fi on on every boot

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              sudo.  multiple cables.  multiple real platforms.  multiple virtual platforms.  nothing can flash this thing.


              and i did try conman.  nearing the point of scrapping edison, especially since i can't flash to original firmware, and going back to the world of arm.

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                on virtual platforms I'd understand it doesn't work as it partly seems to be a question of timing - on virtual platforms you might be able to see the USB way too late

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                  I can get DFU to work in Virtualbox, but I have to manually add a USB filter for the VM for it to catch the DFU device.  The filter should be for Vendor ID 8087, product ID 0a99, with no other filter parameters (revision, product, manufacturer) specified.  If this is in Windows, you'll have to reboot Edison a couple of times after setting the filter and booting the VM to give it a chance to associate the VM USB driver with the Edison.


                  If you still have trouble and U-Boot is still working, you can force DFU to run without a timeout.  Open the serial console, power cycle / reboot Edison, and press ENTER immediately when you see "Hit any key to stop autoboot:".  Then type "run do_flash".  The Edison will go into DFU until you power cycle or reboot.  Check that the VM can see the DFU device ("lsusb" in Linux) first and fix any issues with your VM's USB setup.  Then try the flash script again.