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    Computer freezing after use new components (SSD)


      Good day,


      I have ASUS P8B75-M LX (motherboard) with Intel Pentium G2020, 4GB RAM , 3 HDD disks (one is really scarry O_o, so much noise by turning on and reading.) and original Windows 8.1. In these days i buyed a Graphic Card ASUS RADEON R7 260X, Power supply (500W) and 120GB SSD Disk Intel (SSD 520 Series).


      Installing has not have any problem, but by first boots i hear from motherboard a other tone than normal, but only once, so ok... I installed Windows 8.1 to SSD and start normal using. (I think now it started) But, computer starts freezing (not full freeze, but is ABSOLUTLY SLOW, 0.05 FPS?!?, when i have a music turned up, its takes a ZZZZZZ sound ), and now i got heared more the scary disk.. But anyway, i wanted to turn on a Intel Rapid Start technology (my motherboard have Fast Boot (2 seconds to boot) ). But i cant to enable it in BIOS, so i check all configuration and i must change a type disks type or what (from IDE to ASCI (or reverse, idk now )). Now i turned on a Rapid Start Technology and reboot PC. But PC wont boot, BSOD(but this is normal) . So i again reinstall PC. But still freezing and Rapid Start Technology wont work (12 seconds to boot). I read the manual and i go to make partition on SSD disk (4GB) and tryied to install software, but its says i dont have good requirements.. So i downloaded a Intel (partition driver) from ASUS website for my motherboard, and its enable to install RST. But still 12 second boot... And still freezing.. I tryied to install other drivers, not helped.. Freezing is fully randomly, one day i got 5 freezes (one time i got double freeze in 10 minutes). And sleeping mode has really scary. I take a sleep a PC, i hear to scary disk to off. PC has sleep, after 5 seconds has woke up, 5 seconds and fully sleep....


      P.S. I tryied to search on google, nothing, the Turn off link power managment not helped..


      If i writed to bad forum or category, sorry..