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    CPU temp vs core temp?


      Does this still hold true for current intel i7 processors?

      Core temps are an approximation of a real temperature derived from the actual

      power consumption in the core... while CPU or Tcase is an electrical impedance

      reading converted to temperature from a thermal diode circuit in the processor.

      Core temps are a function of the Digital Thermal Sensor circuit while CPU

      temperature is more an analog based in how much current is passed by the diode.

      CPU temp is really the reading that you need to pay attention to... as it

      affects the assertion of Prochot# and Thermtrip#....   Core temps are 'unreal'

      functions calculated from derivitives of the assumed core power consumption.

      CPU temperature (Tcase) is actually callibrated to a real theremometer.


      Thank you for any input on this subject.