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    Which processor is best for the $ and for me?  - Photographer (editing w/ Adobe Photoshop CS4 / Lightroom)


      Good morning all,


      I am looking at building a new pc in the near future, but I am trying to figure out exactly which processor would be best for me.  I run Adobe Photoshop CS4 along with Adobe Lightroom v2.3 simultaneously, and both are memory/processor hogs.  Right now w/ my 2.6ghz Core2Duo processor when I click on a new RAW file in Lightroom, when it's rendering the data my processor usage goes from 15% to 100% instantly, and it takes about 10-15 seconds sometimes to make the image sharp / visible.  I want this to be instant, and I know there's a processor out there for me.


      I have looked at the Quad core, and I've heard quite a bit about the i7 series, and I'm wondering which for the money would be best for me?  I'm not wanting to cheap out, but I would like to spend around $1200-1300 building a new desktop so I'm open to any suggestions.

      Thank you very much!