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    Edison on development Arduino board will not respond from putty


      I powered my Edison development environment up for the first time and had issues.

      1. When I connected external 12v power supply, I did not see the system LED come on.(should I have seen this. )

      2. When I connected micro usb to port closest to power adapter input, system LED came on and

      windows 7 detected it as an external drive. (D:)

      3.  There were NO files on the external drive that windows 7 detected for Edison.

      4.  I extracted the Latest image(Yocto Linux ) to the drive. (D:)

      5.  I verified that New files were present.

      6.  I moved micro usb connector to port furthest away from power adapter port and system LED went out.

      7.  Oddly enough,  windows 7 detects the Edison board on COM 9.

      8.  I am ultimately unable to connect via Putty using

      serial, COM 9, 115200 baud rate with default settings on all other parameters.

      SYstem LED on board is OFF.


      any ideas on what I am doing wrong?