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    Unable to access detailed settings in BIOS (Performance tab)


      First off, my machine:
      - NUC D54250WYKH

      - 16GB of RAM installed
      - Intel 7260AC

      - Intel 530 240GB on the mSATA slot
      - Intel 730 480GB on the SATA port*


      * I upgraded this morning from a 730 240GB to the 480GB. Decided to reinstall Windows rather than clone the install over.


      Before installing Windows though, I downloaded BIOS 0032, loaded it onto my USB drive, and installed that before the new Windows install. BIOS update was successful, and I didn't get any error messages. After that I got around installing Windows 7 Pro x64, with the latest batch of drivers. While at it I also installed the Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility.



      I am now unable to access the detailed settings within the BIOS when in the Performance tab. See the attached the screenshot.


      Basically, because I updated the BIOS I wanted to check whether my settings (from BIOS 0027) carried over. I went into the Performance tab, and clicked CORES. This should have brought up the detailed settings (tick boxes) on the right side. But 0032 doesn't seem to do that anymore.


      Anyone know how I can access that detailed settings page now? Or am I going to have to downgrade back to 0027?

      Many thanks in advance.


      P.S. - Looking through the Intel XTU, it seems that my BIOS settings from 0027 has indeed carried over. Though I'd still like to be able to access the detailed settings within the BIOS if at all possible.