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    Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 Lap Top Freeze/Chrash


      Hello Guys!


      I have a big Problem!

      My Lap Top is chrashing and freezing using my Intel HD Graphics! I was testing around and trying everything to stop the Freezes and Crashes on my System.

      I Managed to deactivate the Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 under the Device Manager. Somehow the Freezes wont show up anymore, and the Lap Top runs smooth, however reactivating the HD Graphics brings back the freezes and chrashes!


      My System:


      It was build from www.deviltech.de a gaming Notebook.


      Windows 8 64 bit

      Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2,40GHz 2,40 GHz

      Ram: 8 GB

      GPU: GeForce GTX 675MX


      I have got the Notebook since one year and i never experienced any Problems!


      The first Problem started as i watched a movie and finally my Lap Top crashed and did not want to restart, even with the Power Adaptor! I pressed 30 seconds on my Power Switch to reset BIOS and i managed to restart my Lap Top!


      Right now i have got my HD 4000 Graphics deactivated, because if activated i could not write on this right now. I tried to fix it with older Intel Graphics Driver Updates but still my Desktop freezes and i need to Switch my Lap Top off by hard! I also reinstalled my Windows Version 3 times now, but nothing is better!

      Only deactivating Intel HD 4000 Graphics it is possible to be on my Lap Top and it runs smooth!


      However i need those Graphics because otherwise i can not play Video Games in an appropriate way!


      To come to the Point, my Hardware is fine, there are no Problems expecting the Software of Intel HD 4000 which causes the freezes.



      The Freezes:


      During i play Video Games like WOW or others the Picture freezes and i cant press anything, just switch off!

      Also it freezes after being on the Desktop or surfing on the Web.


      The Crashes:


      Sometimes my Lap Top suddenly crashes and again i need to do a BIOS Reset by holding down the Power Switch for 30 sec.


      When having in my Lap Top a fully charged Battery switched on to the Power Adapter and the HD Graphics activated the Picture freezes, without the Battery inside my Lap  Top  but the Power Adapter on, the Lap Top chrashes! I dont understand this!


      Everything is smooth again without running the Intel HD 4000 Graphics!


      I installed all Drivers with the newest Updates!


      How can i solve this Problem?


      Is it the new Intel Update?


      Please help and thank you very much for your time!


      Kind Regards



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          Thanks for joining the Graphics community.


          At this stage, please try updating to the latest Intel graphics driver available here: File name: win64_153330.exe


          Also, because your system uses Switchable Graphics, Nvidia/ Intel HD 4000, I strongly recommend you use the graphics drivers supplied by your system manufacturer . Be sure to install the Intel HD Graphics driver first, reboot, then install the Nvidia graphics driver.