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    Stock cooler noise


      Hello guys i just got new pc and when i boot it stock cooler make this noise https://www.youtube....h?v=og6al3z7vxg   exactly like on this video for like two seconds then runs ok .I wanna ask is it dangerous should i replace it with aftermarket one or rma ? I'm not planing to oc it but kinda scared of that noise so just waned to ask if its normal.
      MB: asus h97m plus
      CPU : i5 4460
      Ram: Hyperx savage 8gb
      HDD : WD blue 1tb
      no gpu saving money for it smile.gif  .
      case haf 922
      psu CM silent pro 700w
      http://imgur.com/N0HKvaK here is pic of tempt after boot Auxtin 1 2 3 not sure why they are so high but they never move so guess some error smile.gif  (not sure what auxtin is hope that's not problem too..) also one more question if it appears i have to buy new cooler do i need put new thermal paste since stock one had paste .Sorry if me English is not that good and thank you for your time.

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          Thanks for joining the Processor community.

          Did you mean the noise when the fan starts spinning?

          If that is so, that's expected because the fan is self calibrating, then it goes as quiet as it can be.

          If you think the fan makes a lot of noise, my recommendation is to contact Intel Customer Support for warranty replacement of your cooling solution.  You can use our Web Ticketing system to do that.


          Online warranty: Service Request Email


          Chat support:  Contact Support