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    URGENT: OpenGL 2.1-based application crashes on Intel HD 3000


      We are about to release a new application as Chrismas gift, expecting 20.000+ downloads by customers who are accustomed to receive top-quality products from our company.


      This release is our first product based on Qt5, using the OpenGL-2.1-based QtQuick framework for graphics display (see http://qt-project.org/). The software has been extensively tested and runs stable on a wide range of machines with various graphics cards. We had occasional reports about Intel HD cards where even driver updates did not resolve problems. Now we have finally managed to reproduce and investigate one of those crashes in-house.


      On a Windows7 machine with the Intel HD 3000, the application crashes on a segfault somewhere deep inside ig4icd64.dll. The crash originally occurred with the driver version (2014-01-29) installed. Updating to the latest version via the Intel Update Tool  ( from 2014-04-10) did not fix the problem.


      Please contact me so I can send you the binary and instructions to reproduce the issue.