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    DH87MC system start problem


      I am assembling a desktop. My system configuration that I have purchased is :

      Motherboard: DH87MC

      Processor: i5 4440

      Ram:Corsair Vengeance DDR3 4GB Ram (CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9)


      After assembling, (did it exactly as mentioned in the integration sheet), immediately the second I pressed the power ON switch, the processor hot LED glows with a beep sound , the processor fan  starts and stops immediately, and the system turns off. Nothing happens after that, only the power on green LED keeps glowing. I have changed the SMPS with another one from my old desktop which is OK, and the same problem appears. I am at a loss. Is there any problem with the motherboard or processor or some other problem? I have connected all the connectors as per the manual, and the connectors can't mismatch. Please help, I have got lot projects to start, need a 64 bit system immediately, just stuck up here.

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          I have got the solution to this

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            Sumit_123, my recommendation for this kind of issue will be to do a complete troubleshooting on the system before suggesting you to replace the board or the processor.


            Please follow these steps:


            • Take the motherboard out of the chassis and test it with minimum configuration (Motherboard, processor, power supply)
            • Since the system does not have memory you should get a 3 beeps sound coming out from the board.
            • Remove the CMOS battery and leave the system without it for about an hour. Then put it back on and restart the system.Desktop Boards — Troubleshooting BIOS Issues
            • add 1 memory stick into de the motherboard and turn on the system.
            • Start adding one component at the time until you find the conflicting one.
            • If the issue persisted it will be necessary to test the board using another compatible processor.
            • You can also try another power supply just in case.
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              Hi Sumit,


              There is no problem with the board processor ram or smps. I have also gone through the same problem and i have a found a solution to this. I have done some trial and errors and out of 5 trials 4 were successful.

              Hope you are using a new power supply.

              I will submit my solution on or before friday.

              Wait for couple of days.

              What monitor are you using, LED/LCD and what is your display output, HDMI OR DVI PORT.

              I am using SONY LED TV through HDMI and will provide you the solution for the same.


              Do not remove your Motherboard from CPU unit as once you have fixed it as it can get damage.Its a costly motherboard.



              Hemant Rathod



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                So good to see the replies. Today evening I shall try the step by step procedure as explained by Sylvia. However, I have already tried it with another SMPS but of no use.

                For Hemant:- I am using Dell 24" LED monitor, model ST2420L. Its a DVI communication cable I am using, so its the DVI port I am interfacing with. Do you recommend to use the HDMI port? I shall procure an HDMI cable under such condition.

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                  I am using SONY LED TV connected through HDMI. I have tried my trial and errors through this connection. And out of 5 trials 4 of them were successful. Let me try for 1 more day and I revert you.


                  I have not updated BIOS nor did I change RAM PROCESSOR or POWER SUPPLY.


                  I did not remove the CMOS BATTREY too as suggested by SYLVIA. Thanks to SYLVIA for replying me.


                  It's an INTEL PRODUCT. I trust the product much. Intel is always the best. Many told me to buy GIGABYTE MOTHERBOARD and the comparison of performance between INTEL and GIGABYTE is 19/20 or difference of 1%


                  But then too I purchased INTEL though costly because of the brand name and its efficiency and performance.


                  1 or 2 more days to revert you with solution. Do not remove your motherboard or processor from the unit it can get damage.


                  Do you also get to see PROCESSOR HEAT red light on the motherboard with a beep.

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                    Declaring the results of my trial attempts. Everybody will love to see that, however it was so late at night that I preferred to post my result in the morning, so apologies for the delay. Following are the steps :-


                    # I removed the battery from the board as suggested by Sylvia.

                    # I opened the processor fan, opened the casing (I did it for the 5th or 6th time, although all on my previous attempts), took out the processor, inspected the assembly, cross-checked with the integration guide. Everything seemed to be absolutely fine. I assembled it once more, applied some thermal paste this time as I felt that the pre-applied paste might have lost some of its properties, and put the fan and everything in its position.

                    # Waited for about 2 hrs, the reason why I was so late at night.

                    # This time decided to test everything outside the cabinet,(the same is suggested in the troubleshooting steps in intel site), so kept the motherboard on wood covered with soft packing board that came with the cabinet.

                    # Checked the cabinet start switch, the continuity testing with multimeter suggested that it was working perfectly OK.

                    # After 2 hours, connected power connectors in my mobo, put the battery back to its position, took the RAM out of its slot, and switched on power. Three beep sound came from the mobo.

                    # After disconnecting power supply, the RAM was put back in its position, and switched ON the PS. This time the fan started, the proc. temp. LED turned on for a sec. and immediately turned OFF. I was staring at the monitor, however, the processor fan stopped. One major difference was that this time the processor fan started  with good speed unlike other times when it barely managed to take a quarter turn and immediately stopped.

                    # The system was running on minimum hardware, on 4 GB RAM and the monitor connected with the DVI cable, and a 500 GB Sata hardisk.

                    # A little frustrated, I pressed the start switch for 4 to 5 times, this time the processor fan started, never stopped, and the intel symbol appeared in my monitor. (Just had the feeling that I have done some Newton job, only the apple was missing). Loaded Win 8 OS, the OS loading was successful.

                    # Switched off the power supply a couple of times and switched it ON, every time it was a nice start without any hitches.

                    # I assembled everything inside the cabinet and now, the system was running perfectly.


                    My sincere thanks and regards to Al_Hill for putting the post in right location, to Sylvia for your valuable suggestions which got me through, and thanks to Hemant for all your efforts.

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                      can you try this and let me know !

                      don't switch on or use the computer for a day, almost 24 hours, switch on the next day, and let me know if it works fine.


                      i salute your efforts but let me know the result what i told you to do