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    DX79SI USB 3.0 Boot Bug

    Adrian Shephard

      Okey here is the bug, my computer (board is DX79SI with last BIOS v0650 for to day) turned off, I plugged my Transcend TS32GJF760 USB 3.0 (with Windows 8.1 on it) into USB 3.0 port and I turned on my computer, so I see blue screen of BIOS and that is all. Computer stuck forever. My mouse and keyboard are USB 2.0 and they plugged into USB 2.0 ports not responding, mouse doesn't have red light of laser. I tried to plug Transcend into USB 2.0 port and booting was fine. So the bug is definitely in chip Renesas\NEC UPD720200 Controller OR in BIOS, so can you fix it somehow?


      Second question, is why you not updating Driver for Renesas\NEC UPD720200 Controller to version ? On the page of this board still old version


      If man how will test this bug don't know how to make USB Flash stick, just ask....