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    CDC serial/Arduino stops working on Windows if more than 50 Edison boards


      I guess this is a very good problem to have, but here is a curious sighting:

      Every time one connects a new Edison board to a Windows PC (I have windows 7 but I doubt they fixed it with 8/8.1), Edison driver creates a new CDC serial device and a special serial device, and writes the serial port numbers to

      \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\ControlSet1\EnumUSB\VID8087&PID0a9E&MI2 .

      So when more than 50 different Edison boards were ever connected to your PC, the serial numbers become 3 digits, and Windows (or just cygwin, but it does not matter as Arduino s/w uses cygwin bash/lsz) does not like when a serial device has a number that is greater than 100. So suddently Arduino stops working for new boards.


      I am more a Linux guy, so I don't know why as an administrator I still lack permissions to clear these registry files, so I return to 2-digit serial device numbers. Trying to find out, if anybody knows how to properly clean the registry I'll appreciate an advice/pointer.