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    New Intel 730 SSD making a constant high pitch noise


      I just replaced a 9.5mm HDD in my Lenovo T420 with a 730 (7mm) and everything is working flawlessly except for a constant high pitch noise that seems to be coming from the SSD. I had to do a little jury rigging to make it fit in the 9.5mm rubbery rails that go on either side of the hard drive. First I used bits of heat shrink for wire to fill the empty space, but I thought maybe the high pitch noise was from a fan or something oscillating inside the heat shrink. Now I have an H shape of cardboard in there to hold it in place, which seems to be working pretty well. I don't think the temp of the cardboard should become an issue (right??). It's still making the high pitch noise, and it's driving me a little bit batty. Any thoughts on what could be causing the noise, or troubleshooting to figure it out?


      Thanks in advance!