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    Is there any good guide for beginners?


      I'm new when it comes to building and modifying kernels in Linux. The reason I got a Intel Galileo was that I thought it would be easy to get a standard "fat" linux distro to run on a x86 CPU, but wow was I wrong.

      I've been playing around with Debian on my Galileo (since I've no knowledge of Yocto or such), but even though the image I found worked nicely, I can't include the drivers I need without a working source(?). So I guess I'll have to try Yocto as it's the only supported OS.


      I've been browsing most threads on the forum, but I can't find any good guides that are "noob"-friendly.
      I've tryed to follow along these, but I still feel stuck and close to throw away my Galileo and change to something that is easier to use...


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      My question is... is there any good guide for a beginners that looks into rebuilding whatever Linux to include drivers such as iscsi_tcp and g_mass_storage into a working image?