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    Cannot run program


      Hello everybody,


      I am a new user to the edison module. I am having a very very frustrating issue with the iot devkit. Basically, I am not able to run the example programs from the eclipse IDE on the edison board. I am using the Arduino breakout. I get this error...



      Any help is much appreciated!!


      I should mention here that the the Intel XDK IoT Edition with node.js examples works fine.


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          I suppose you try to run on the host rather than on the target. Can you make sure to run on the target by "right click" - "Run As ..." selecting the remote target?

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            Hey mhahn,


            Thanks for the reply... I think you're right since when I right click on the project >> Run As >> (only 1 option to run as local C/C++ application)


            Here are my run configurations. They seem to be okay (I guess)... but the "Run" button is greyed out for some reason.



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              I've managed it.. Wohooo!!


              I can't pinpoint the exact problem that I had caused, but I reextracted the archive and it seems to work. I (perhaps) missed out on something. (I think I tried editing the connection and perhaps that's what's causing the error).