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    Intel DX58SO + PERC 5/i + ESX 4.0 raid handling issue


      Installed ESXi 4.0 to DX58SO with D0 i7 920 cpu because this combination supports VT-d and i could passtrough a PCI-e DVB-T tuner card to virtual machine that hosts Vista media center. The issue is that PERC seems to work like it does on older intel chipsets (tried 5000P, G965, 975X, P965, X38, P35 doards) BUT with DX58SO it doesnt play nice with RAID 5 array on PERC. It seems like it's working but with this motherboard it just destroyed and continues destroy vmfs filesystem and doesn't funtion properly. ESX gives multiple error related to filesystem ONLY WHEN running on intel DX58SO motherboard.


      I have seen also many hard hangs on Windows Vista / 7 64bit installations with these boards while running nvidia GTX260, 280 or 285 GPU's, the ATi cards runs fine and this doesn't seem to be a driver issue. Also DX58SO with Lifeview DVB-T PCI-e tuner card isnt stable


      I tried on two DX58SO boards and no luck, both have 4196 BIOS installed. My suspect is that BIOS and X58 chipset combo is not compatible.


      PS. on ASUS P6T series motherboards the nvidia cards run fine. We have moved to Asus boards because of multiple issues with P35-> intel built motherdoards.


      I hope that someone could resolve these pci-e card related issues.