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    D54250WYK - 3 drivers fail to install


      I just updated my BIOS to the latest version (32), and installed the Drivers Update Utility.

      No matter what I do, or how many times I reboot, 3 installs fail. Can can be done? Screenshot below:

      I am most worried about the Chipset Device Software (don't care about IR).





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          So, I understand they fail during the install process (and not during download), right?


          I think I am getting a similar behavior and it seems an incorrect message from the Intel® Driver Update Utility because the CIR driver was properly installed in Device Manager, under Human Interface Devices.


          If it did not work that way for you, it is also possible to click on History and open the folder where the files where downloaded, which should be your “Downloads” folder. You can see the download path in Settings and run the installers from there.


          Let me know what happens.

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            For the chipset device software, installing it directly from the download directory seems to work (but not from the Update Utility), but the Intel Driver Update Utility still does not detect it after install:



            For CIR, this is what happens when I install from the download directory (same result from the Utility):




            I then click No hhere:








            So, things seem to be OK, but the Driver Update utility still does not detect any installed version: