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    Server Management on W2K8 R2


      Hi, I just installed W2K8 R2 on a S5000PSL board, next I want to install the Intel system management software, but I'm having some trouble.


      If I try to install Server Management Pack 3.5.1, I get an error about an unsopported OS, but the install continues anyway.

      If I try to install Active System Console 3.5.1, the prerequisite install steps fail, I can manually install some items, incuding ASP.NET, but the IIS install and check always fails.


      How do I install System Manangement Software on W2K8 R2?


      Is there an alternative that will let me monitor the server, I really just need CPU and board temperature, and CPU and system fan speeds?




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          Hi there,


          If you have already tried to install the Intel Active Console, i would advise you to uninstall all the components before trying to reinstalling it following the procedures below.


          I used a software called Your Uninstaller to uninstall them completely.


          Anyway, I have installed the Intel Active Console many times on the server like S3200SH, S5000PSL without any problems on all Windows Operating System like Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008.


          You can try again following these instructions:
          Download the Intel Active COnsole (file size around 153mb)

          Extract the zip file

          When running the file default.hta
          In the old Intel Active Console 3.0, when you were installing the Intel Active Console, it allows you to install the software on Windows XP/Vista/Seven, but now with Intel Active COnsole 3.5, it says unsupported OS if it is Windows XP/7/Vista, may it does the same for Windows 2008 R2.


          Uninstall completely the present Intel Active Console and all the add-in components that were installed as well like server management agent etc. I used software like Your Uninstaller to remove completely a software.


          Assuming that you are using the Intel Active Console 3.5 Version:

          You will need to have these pre-requisites before installing the software:
          Internet Information Services IIS Enabled
          Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 3.0 Installed
          ASP.Net 2.0 Installed
          Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP Enabled
          Telnet Client Enabled.


          Once this is done, install these setup in the following order (install as default) from the extracted files that you have downloaded
          install the wmi legacy storage from the cim provider raid agent folders.
          install the sas snmp agent from the snmp agent folder
          install the mgt agent from the hwmgt agent folder
          install the active console.


          Note: The log in is the Administrator Login and Password.


          Hopefully it will work.




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            Hi Aryan


            Even when I manually install all prerequisites before running the installer, IIS is still detected as not installed, and the installer's installation of IIS also reports failure.


            Is there a way to troubleshoot, e.g. looking at install logs?



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              Hi there,


              Try uninstalling all the components installed and then make sure that these roles have been installed correctly from Server Manager. See screenshots below.


              Possibly when trying to reinstall the software you will get a script error, follow the instructions below how to workaround this.



              Then follow all the instructions how to install the components steps by steps in order i have suggested in my previous post.


              You will need to install them manually.


              All the best,








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                Wrt to this issue, i had a short discussion with the validation team.

                Currently 2k8 R2 is not supported. It will be supported in next coming release.

                Meanwhile i will try to find a workaround for this and come back to you.


                2. To answer your second question, you can use IPMITOOL to know the CPU temp value.


                Ipmitool -sensors


                Let me know if i can be of any assistance.




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                  Kamal, thank you, I look forward to an R2 compatible version.


                  I just installed a remote management module 2, so for now I can look at temps and fan speed without the need to run any software on the box.





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                    You are welcome.


                    Sure. i will let you know once there is a release. (meanwhile, i am trying for a workarund as well)