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    D54250WYK - HDMI device constantly dropping/reconnecting




      I'm encountering a new problem with my NUC.


      Within the last week, I've flashed to BIOS 32.  Other than that, I've got the latest drivers on my device.  I've been through multiple suspend/resume cycles with this config with no issues.


      When I woke the machine up today, there was no display on the HDMI monitor.  In Win 8.1, I opened the Screen Resolution UI.  In there, I could see that the monitor was constantly being detected & then dropping again.  The monitor make/model is being properly detected.


      I powered everything off, then tried powering up again.  It took a few cycles of this before I even got a display on the POST screen on the HDMI monitor.  But when in Windows, I still had the drop/reconnect issue.


      So I powered everything off and tried JUST the HDMI monitor.  That works fine in POST & in Windows.  Since the device is not working in POST, that leads me to believe that this is NOT a Windows driver issue (or a cable issue, as is raised in many other threads here), but rather something with the hardware/firmware.



      BIOS Version/Date Intel Corp. WYLPT10H.86A.0032.2014.1119.1552, 11/19/2014

      Windows 8.1 Pro x64, all updates from Windows Update

      Primary display: Dell P2714T (DisplayPort) Dell 27 Touch Monitor - P2714T

      Secondary display: HP w2558hc (HDMI) Product Specifications | HP® Support

      Latest drivers/BIOS as of 12/2/14


      My issue seems related to D54250WYKH - display (display port) shuts down unexpectedly after OS-installation, but my issue is with HDMI & not DisplayPort.  I tried to downgrade to BIOS 28 as suggested here, but I hit the same error that @hardimpct did.  It's still early, and I don't have time to pop the hood and try changing jumpers yet


      @allan_intel - You suggested a FW downgrade pretty quickly in this scenario...is there a known regression in display in post-28 BIOS versions?