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    Get SMART info from ICH10r raid controller(onboard)?



      I am currently working on a server that is using ICH10r raid controller(onboard). I would like to get SMART/RAID info such as: Raid Level, Predicted Failure.

      I have used tools like "Intel Rapid Storage Technology" and "Rapid Storage Technology Command Line Interface (rstcli.exe)".

      I would like to know if there are any libraries we could interface to (or dll files we can include in our applications) so I can retrieve the above mentioned information.

      Or if there is another tool that can be run from a C# application and generate data in XML format?


      I have looked into " Intel(R) Quiet System Technology (QST) Software Development Kit (SDK)"  mentioned in this link:Re: How to get SMART data?, but that doesn't see to be helpful.

      Any help would be appreciated