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    HD Graphics for Previous Generation Core i5 - 661


      Dear Intel Community,


      description of situation:

      I currently have a desktop with a Core i5 - 661, which is, according to me research, a previous generation processor.

      OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bits. The desktop is connected to a screen through an HDMI cable.

      This desktop used to have a HD Graphics driver that was working just fine, but I had to format the PC and unfortunately can't remember the driver version.



      I'v tried several HD Graphics from the Intel Download Center, but none of them works correctly. HD Graphic driver from the windows update center does not work either.

      The installation goes well, but after having performed a reboot and typing the password for access to windows, only the windows 7 desktop background is shown but without icons/taskbar/start menu.

      When doing ctrl+alt+delete, my screen goes black. When I press ESC, it goes back to the Win 7 background.

      I can press alt+F4 and ENTER in order to shut down, it works. But afterwards I need to start in safe mode in order to uninstall the driver.


      desired outcome:

      Install an Intel HD graphics that simply works, and generates a fully working win 7 menu/desktop.

      Where can I find a download link for the appropriate installation file?