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    Intel X710-DA2 SFP+ to XFP interface connection




      We are looking for the Intel Network Adapters for our project (high-speed packet processing using the DPDK framework).

      Intel X710-DA2 NICs satisfy our requirements, but we have a question regarding their connection possibilities.




      We would like to connect Intel X710-DA2 NIC (SFP+) to a switch with XFP 10G interfaces.


      There is a number of XFP-SFP+ adapters (for example, HP 10G X244 XFP to SFP+ 3m Direct Attach Copper Cable), but according to the "Intel Ethernet Adapters and Devices User Guide", only SFP+ modules made by Intel are supported. It looks like there is no XFP-SFP+ adapter made by Intel.


      Is there any way to link the Intel X710-DA2 NIC to the XFP interface of the switch?

      What can you recommend in this case?



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