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    Popup message box in VB6 with Intel® Iris™ and HD Graphics random not show Windows 8/8.1




      Have a issue in our old Visual Basic 6 program.

      When a Message box should popup in the program it not displayed ( like it's hidden but is there)

      Sometime it show but most time it not show ( 1 of 5 times it not show the popup box)

      With AMD or Nvidia it allways work.

      Have tested a couple of Intel Graphics HD modell

      It's only the latest Intel Gen.4 that this happen.

      If I change to Microsoft Standard driver it work.


      Know this is old, but dose anyone have a clue what can couse this only on Intel HD Gen4 graphics like Iris ?


      Computer tested on has

      Intel i7- 4500U - 4400HD

      Intel i5-4200M - 4600HD

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