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    Hardware reserved memory too high


      Server: SC5650DP

      dual cpus xeon E5640

      memory installed 96gb

      windows 2008 r2 standard 64 bit


      hardware reserved memory in system resources indicates 65 gb is hardware reserved

      system info shows 96gb registered with only 32 gb  usable

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          Aomega, I' m moving your thread to the server’s community in order to get assistance on your Server Board.



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            I am concerned the memory usability difference is only seen inside the Operating System.  To better diagnose this, would you, please, confirm the following?:


            1. What is the exact board model inside your Intel® Server Chassis SC5650DP?


            2. What is the BIOS/firmware ver. running on the board?


            3. What is the manufacturer and part number of the memory modules?


            4. Is your system experiencing a performance scenario?  If so, please, provide the following:

            4.1. Please, elaborate more on the performance situation.

            4.2. What troubleshooting have you performed so far?


            5. Is the Operating System running with the latest updates/patches?