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    Intel® 82579LM UDP multicast packetloss


      I currently have a high speed trading network setup and the machines that have the Intel® 82579LM integrated are experiencing insane packetloss. Started off with 2000 packets lost per 10 minutes. I have tried all the solutions suggested within the previous threads about this issue. I have updated the BIOS. The machines we use are HP - z220(230). Any machines that use a different model of intel NIC`s dont experience this problem. I have installed the latest drivers and Tweaked the power options on the nics down to nothing. I also increased the input and output buffer size to the maximum setting which does give me a smaller packet loss rate (70 packets per 10 min) but its still not good enough as this is a trading network we cannont afford packet loss. I have done extensive troubleshooting on our network and the CISCO switches we use. They are all in top shape . The issue is within the Intel® 82579LM nic itself and how it reacts to UDP multicast traffic.


      Any suggestions i can implement to lessen the packet loss count on the network? with so many of those nics on the floor im dropping rougly 900000 packets a day it is way to much.


      P.S. Just as an example the Intel I217-LM in the last 24 hours has dropped 15 packets comparing to the Intel® 82579LM dropping roughly 9-10k packets per 24 hours.