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    Chip to Display


      Hello All,


      I'm just a regular guy working on a little app that sends videos or gifs to a Display. I have been looking online for the best way to do this and found the Edison chip. When doing more research on Edison I found I have a few options that will bring my project into fruition.


      I found:

      1. Amazon.com: Intel Edison Kit For Arduino Single Components EDI1ARDUIN.AL.K: Computers & Accessories

      2. Amazon.com: Intel Edison Compute Module IoT (Internet of Things) On-Board Antenna Single Components EDI1.SPON.AL.S: Com… w/o breakout

      3. Amazon.com: Intel Edison Breakout Board Kit Single Components EDI1BB.AL.K: Computers & Accessories w/breakout


      So as you can see there are a few options to select from.


      Hopefully you guys can point me to the right direction. Thank you very much for your time, it is highly appreciated.