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    OpenCV in Intel Edison (Windows)


      Hey guys...I still new with Intel Edison and may need your advice..


      Right now I'm using Windows and I have Intel Edison + mini breakout board..

      My goal now is to make face/ object detection using OpenCV..


      Can you guy assist me what is the  first step to do this?


      How to install openCv in Intel Edison if I'm using windows..FYI I maybe will use Eclipse platform ..


      What is Image openCV?..


      Hopefully your all can help me...Thanks..

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          You can install openCV using opkg or follow the description in the BSP documentation on how to add it in the Yocto image.

          Third option is to download the sources and rebuild it on the Edison.


          But in any case you should consider increase the root partition size or else you probably will end up running out of space pretty soon.



          If you consider using a USB web camera as you input device then you should follow the BSP documentation on how to modify the kernel image. You will have to add the UVC support in the kernel in order to easily acquire images from the USB camera from OpenCV.

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            Check out this post, I've summarized the steps you need to undertake to have OpenCV installed on the board: https://communities.intel.com/message/266403#266403

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