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    Cannot upload the sketch file without using IDE


      Hi All,

      My requirement is to upload the sketch file - .elf file using Python or C++ program independently without going through IDE. I have followed all the steps outlined by earlier discussions and still, I am missing some pieces here.


      1. Compiled the sketch file and created blink.elf file using the IDE

      2. Copied the blink.elf file to /sketch directory onto Galileo

      3. Moved blink.elf file to sketch.elf and old sketch.elf to sketch.elf.old file

      4. At this stage Galielio has all the information to upload the sketch to MCU


      Under /opt/cln/galileo/ directory we  have 1) coloader, 2) galileo_sketch_reset, 3) galileo_sketch_reset_script.sh, 4) launcher.sh, 5) sketch-setup.sh

      Which is the correct file/script I need to use to upload the sketch. Or are there any additional steps I need to cover to upload the same

      Any Pointers is highly appreciated.