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    How to increase Serial RX buffer size?


      I'm enjoying my experience with my Galileo so far, but I'm having difficulty figuring out how to increase the size of the Serial RX buffer. I can do this easily with a regular arduino by modifying a value in the core files, but it doesn't seem to be as straightforward for the Galileo. After digging around in the Galileo IDE core files, the only explicit definition of a serial buffer I can find is in the RingBuffer.h/cpp files. I updated the value to my needed 5000 bytes from 256 byte and then completely restarted the IDE and rebooted my board, but the practical buffer size remains the same...Am I missing something? I'm using a Gen 1 Galileo and the latest version of the IDE. I need such a large buffer since I'm communicating with a raw camera module. I can successfully communicate with the camera, but after I request the image data, it sends a constant byte stream that the Serial.read() function can't keep up with, so I need a large buffer to store the incoming message. Has anyone messed around with this before?