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    Galileo isn't connecting in college campus


      In my college we have to register the mac and ip such that they can bind the both. After that procedure we've to login to our watchgaurd credentials. To connect my galileo board I am giving my board static ip and other data like dns, subnet, gateway and uploading through Arduino IDE. Then, to check internet connectivity I am uploading webclient sketch from examples of Arduino, but, result is negative. Please suggest me some further proceedings.

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          Hi AshwinSingh,


          You have to make sure that you are successfully connected to the network, you can see this by using the command in your sketch:


          system(“ifconfig eth0 > /dev/ttyGS0”);


          This command will display your current Ethernet configuration. If you see that some packages has been sent and received and you still don’t have internet access you probably need to change the DNS or to use a proxy to get internet access. I hope you find this helpful and by the way we moved this thread to the appropriate forum.