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    i7 4790K And Very High Temperatures. Have I Damaged My Processor?



      I recently bought an intel core i7b 4790K 4.0 GHz.

      Unfortunately the processor had to be exposed to 100/110° temperatures for about 20/30 seconds, because of a fault in the cooling system.

      Now i adjusted my heatsink, and i get about 27/31° C idle, 75/82° 100% usage.

      Everything seems normal right now, but might i have damaged the processor in those 30 seconds?

      Sorry for the paranoia, but i spent a lot of money on this processor (is there a way to test if it works flawlessly?)


      Also an other thing:

      I have been told that the processor, when exposed to those high temperatures, enters in a "throttle mode" which reduces the clock.

      Does the clock return to normal levels when temperatures go back under the theshold (100°C)?

      How can i check that my CPU is actually running at full potential?

      Thank you so much.