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    DN2820FYKH0 frozen on windows 7 install



      First time here.

      I recently was given a DN2820FYKO. It had Win 10 tech preview installed. I was wanting it for a media browser for my kids (currently have a win 7 with MB3 running MBC)

      As Win 10 doesnt run WMC I wanted to go back to Win 7.


      Anyway, I just went to install Win 7 via USB drive and it has frozen. It went through the first setup process and restarted.

      On restart it has frozen at the 'Starting Windows' screen and no movement from there. It shows 'Starting Windows' at the base in words but no windows image etc etc.

      The usb has now flashing light suggesting ti is not reading.


      Have I killed it or is there way to fix it.


      PLEASE HELP !!