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    CPU down clocking


      I bought a Q8200 about 2 months ago for my secondary computer (didn't want to spend a fortune) and I noticed the CPU frequency randomly changes from the advertised 2.2Ghz to 1.9ghz

      In CPU-Z the multiplier changes from x6.0 to x7.0 and when it is x7.0 the frequency goes back to 2.2ghz then a second later it drops back to x6.0


      Anyone know what the deal is, Is it normal? if not how do I fix it?

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          what your are seeing is the Speed step technology. When the full power of the CPU is not required it down clocks itself "as such", so it does not use as much power. So yes it is normal, i believe you can disable it in BIOS.

          if you want to read more, i found this after a quick google, i haven't read through it but i'm sure it will explain it better than me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SpeedStep


          Hope this helps