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    Rapid Storage Technology


      I already have 2 ea 1T HD's in Raid 1.



      I have a spare 250g HHD.



      Is it possible (and how) to team the SSD with the Raid with RST?

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          We are not sure we understand your inquiry, please elaborate and provide system details, such as chipset model and operating system.

          Are you trying to enable Intel® Smart Response Technology (SSD acceleration)?

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            Yes sir, It is an Asus P8Z77-V LK motherboard LGA 1155 socket and an intel i5-3570. Specs show it as a Z77 chipset. I have two 1 terabyte HD's already running in Raid 1. I also have a spare 250 gb Samsung Solid State Drive.


            Apparently I have Intel Rapid Store Technology available. I have a basic understanding of what Rapid Store can do. Windows 7 Pro.


            The question is Will it work with an SSD feeding an existing Raid 1 array? How do I go about it?


            Hoping it does not require a new install. Also running another OS (Linux) from a separate partition.

            I may be over reaching.


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              Intel® Smart Response Technology will work with an existing RAID 1. We actually have a system here with such configuration.

              However, we have not tested it when a Linux* operating system is installed in the same RAID 1 volume. You may certainly complete the steps given in the user guide and share your results.

              Chipset Software — Intel® Smart Response Technology User Guide

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                Thank you for your time. Intel Rapid Store Technology is apparently running my Raid array and I have found that menu.


                I am hoping either it will ignore the SSD cache on Linux or run OK. Will be a week or so before I have time to check that. I am using BootIt to run more than one OS on a computer. Been very interesting on a laptop. Will try it on this new computer.


                AGAIN, thank you for looking into this.