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    I am trying to update my intel HD 3000 graphics driver to the new version listed on intel's website.  Version 15.xx...., however the version that gets installed is only ever v. 9.xx...


      As said above I'm trying to update my intel HD 3000 graphics driver.  The link I am downloading it from is: Intel® Download Center. Assuming that link works you will see a listing for many drivers.  I am getting the windows 7 version for 64 bit systems.  I am unsure what goes wrong during the installation because there are no error messages, nothing about an installation failing or my system not having the correct requirements, as are key features in other thread posts, therefore being the reason that I am creating this one.  Yes I have uninstalled my previous intel graphics driver versions.  Two for that matter.  Somehow version 8.xx happened to be listed on my programs list through the control panel, and version 9.xx in my device manager.  They are both completely uninstalled before I install the latest version.


      What I am looking for is ideally a link to a graphics driver that actually installs the driver that is advertised, or an explanation as to why this won't install and what I can do about it, because my computer is unable to operate properly without this driver.


      Though this is not the reason I am writing this post I feel it necessary to mention that I am attempting to fix a bluescreening problem with my computer and I believe my intel graphics driver is my last loose end that needs to be updated before I run out of ideas as to what is causing it.  My dxdiag will follow, also I am running a laptop with NVidia optimus technology that makes the computer switch on its own to use a discrete nvidia gpu.  As I understand it this is NOT the same as switchable graphics and does not suffer the same problems, assuming that the technology on my laptop is not malfunctioning, therefore this thread (Windows 8.1-- "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software") does not hold any solution.  Yes my nvidia driver is up to date.  It is a GeForce GT 540M working version 344.75.  I am also running DX11, so that is also not an issue.


      Anyway i guess thats enough for now.  Thanks in advance for any time you put in trying to find a solution.