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    how to start emergency boot in ubilinux



      i ve installed ubilinux and found this in /etc/inttab

      # Boot-time system configuration/initialization script.

      # This is run first except when booting in emergency (-b) mode.



      now i want to know how to start the emergency mode, because if i take the edison from work to home or back and i forgot to disable the network, the edison starts and the watchdog reboots it if he doesnt find a network and tries to get time over ntpd or tries to get an ip over dhcp.


      regardes stefan

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          You can force Debian's rescue mode in U-Boot.  You'll need a terminal on the USB serial console (ttyMFD2).  Then power Edison on, and quickly press Enter when prompted in U-Boot to press any key.  Then type "setenv bootargs_target rescue" then "boot".  Since the setting isn't being saved in NVRAM, this only affects the current boot.