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    Broken laptop screen wont connect to tv via vga or hdmi


      Hello , I have a broken laptop screen , it was connecting fine via hdmi and vga , but now for some reason it wont boot up before the display messed up i know i delete intel graphics from control panel as i was having problems with the hdmi at first




      I am on windows 8.1 , when i boot the laptop up if i unplug the vga or hdmi lead it will turn the screen of and back on so i know it still picks them up , its works fine in other laptops so the wires ain't the problem , the problem now is i turn it on and it wont connect i think it stay on the log on screen but i can't see actually what its doing , i have tried booting safe mode with fn key and f8 no luck , i have tried hitting the display thing f4 on my keyboard to switch displays but no help it will not connect to my tv no more and im stuck with a dead laptop basically i ain't sure what to do , i could easily get some one to teamview with me but i can't see the screen to even log on etc i need serious help im stuck


      If you need any let me know but theres not much i can give as i can't see the screen

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          So I'm just trying to get a clearer picture of what happens when you connect your laptop to the tv.  The laptop screen goes blank and the picture and sound IS NOT transferred to the tv?  And the laptop does or does NOT work on its own?  Also what make and model is your laptop?

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            No i aint sure whats going on because when i turn the laptop on now it don't connect or pick up the vga or hdmi connections and my screen is broken so i can't see whats going on under there , i have tried all the keys and nothing is working




            some how i got narrator woman to talk but i still could not tell where i was , i ain't sure whats going on , I am lost without the laptop tbh


            All i know atm is my laptop is a hp pavilion e020 something , i would just go and get the screen repaired but i aint got the funds to atm my warranty run out last month




            but nothing happens when i have the vga or hdmi in the screen lights up white but its cracked and messed up

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              SKUNN3R, I think it would be necessary to contact HP for troubleshooting on this issue.


              However some recommendation I could give are the following:

              • Connect the laptop to the monitor using the VGA cable and turn on the system.  Start pressing the F1 or F10 key to enter the BIOS screen. (or the key you use to press to get into BIOS)
              • Try to use a different display; instead of using a TV you may want to try to use a regular monitor.


              These are just some suggestions; I could not assure you that they solved this problem.