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    While setting up Edison for the first time, I got a problem with the Arduino IDE installation


      Hi everybody,


      This is my first time to post in the Intel Communities, so I'm new here and if this post appears in the wrong section of the community, I'm sorry and later I'll post my question again in the right section.


      My problem is this:

      While unpacking and setting up my Edison and the Arduino expansion board that came with the Edison as a bundle, I had trouble installing the Arduino IDE, since according to the tutorial I need to use the IDE to upload my first program to Edison. I downloaded the Arduino IDE from the Intel source and I'm sure that the version I had downloaded was right. I'm running the 64bit version of windows 7 on my PC and I downloaded the windows version of the IDE. I used 7zip to extract from the .7z file I had downloaded and there I got a folder named 'arduino-1.5.3-Intel.1.0.4'  which seemed everything was right. I clicked the 'arduino.exe' inside the folder and the title of the IDE came up followed by nothing. It was just the title that showed up and went silent with no actual IDE running after the title.


      Could I ask that if there's anyone here who's ever had similar problem? What could I do to fix this.