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    OpenGL 2+ support for Intel HD graphics 3000




      I have Intel Core i3-2330M CPU @2.20GHz processor in my Sony Vaio laptop. I am trying to run GenyMotion android emulator on my device.

      The emulator is complaining about OpenGL 2.0 not being present on my machine. I checked using OpenGL extension viewer 4.1 and it mentioned that the openGL version on my device is 1.1.


      I went through the forums and the recommendation was to update the drivers. I had stale drivers so i updated them to the latest one. I now have on my device (release date: 3/20/2014)


      When I tried OpenGL extension viewer again, it still says my machine has openGL1.1.

      I am not sure how to get to 2+ version of OpenGL. As per the discussions this driver should contain v3.1 of OpenGL.


      Can someone please help me with the issue.