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    Matrix Storage Manager Raid 1 Problem


      I had a normally functioning RAID 1 partition.  It contained my OS and two logical drives.  It is comprised of two 1TB WD Caviar drives.


      While testing a Kaspersky Recovery CD I created in order to help a family member, it apparently overwrote my raid definition.  When I tried to reboot, I received a "Non System Disk..." error.


      After much reading I converted both drives to non-raid with the BIOS utility.  When I rebooted, the OS partition appeared to be in tact but I couldn't see the two other drives.  They appear as 831 GB of "Unallocated Space".


      I installed the Matrix Storage Console in Windows 7 and it recognized the two drives.  I asked the system to create a RAID 1 which the console promptly did and began "migration".  This took nearly 6 hours.  When it completed, I still had the same scenario but only one drive showed in Windows disk management with the same unallocated space and a 100GB active partition which holds the in-tact OS.


      Is there still a possibility that the unallocated partition contains all of my data (was drive D: and E:)?  Would the RAID build, which obviously didn't detect a valid existing RAID and built a new one, have kept the unallocated space in tact as is?


      I have tried to use a couple partition recovery utilities which have not identified the other two partitions and I have turned the machine off so as not to do any more damage than I may have already done.


      Thank you.

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          Please note that RAID 1 is going to mirror all data on both disks meaning that if you set both disks to Non-Raid all information should be in the HDD disks.


          If Kaspersky modified a registry key it can cause data loss and system performance issues on the Raid Volume.


          There are third party programs that can help you recovering partitions so you can check on the web for any of these.


          Kevin M