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    USB Ports Broken / Unreliable


      I purchased an Intel NUC D54250WYK from Amazon. I also purchased 1x8GB ram, wifi card, and 128gb drive.


      Everything worked fine for 3 hours or so, but on reboot, the USB keyboard stopped working. I restarted and tried to get into the BIOS, it didn't respond. I switched ports, the keyboard worked for an hour, and stopped. Slowly all the ports are becoming unresponsive. I tried plugging in a variety of USB devices (other keyboards, USB keys, mice), and no response. It appears that this is a common issue with the NUC.


      I am using the latest BIOS.


      My question is, do I just have a defective unit? Or is this a overall product flaw?


      Is there a known fix for this? Should I send it in for fixing? or Should I return it to Amazon.


      This is too bad because this unit is almost perfect for its size.


      Please help!