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    DQ45CB motherboard,


      Does it support or have a ACHI setting for the Sata control? I know it has RAID settings Running Win 7 OS.

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          Hi LRH,

          If the BIOS has the option for RAID then AHCI should be another Chipset mode available. You can check this at the BIOS level.


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          Kevin M

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            Thanks for the reply. I will go ahead then and purchase this motherboard. I have the SSD on its way also, and this is the reason for the question, due to the instructions stating to set the control to ACHI prior to installing the SSD.

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              You are welcome.

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                I posted another message to the MB section about using RTT with a 2nd drive. I am about to put the rebuild together tomorrow. Could you please take a look at it and advsed if I am right or wrong on my thinking about this.



                "I would like to use the Rapid Recovery Tech.(Intel RRT) It states to set the Sata As RAID.

                I will be installing a SSD as my master and a HDD as my 2nd Drive.


                My SSD instructions state: set SATA as ACHI not RAID. There is my problem.


                Does this mean I cannot use the RRT tech or RAID setting includes ACHI setting?