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    Slow disk write performance


      I tested simple reading and writing performance using dd on the /home volume which has sufficient space available. I did the testing with a 512 MB file using read/write block size of 1MB. The reading performance gives me about 98 MB/sec which is great. For writing I get only 17.60 MB/sec. For writing I was expecting that the kernel does write behind which should finish immediately because I have 800 MB free memory. I also tried to mount the volume with async or barrier=0 options, no change.


      I used the following commands for testing:

      # cd /home

      For writing:

      # time dd if=/dev/zero bs=1024k count=512 of=xx

      For reading: (I was rebooting after write to ensure that I don't read cached content)

      # time dd if=xx bs=1024k of=/dev/null


      I believe the write behind is somehow turned off, but I don't know where. The 17.6 MB is properly what the flash controller can handle.


      Any ideas?

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          Ok I replicated your experiment, the only thing I can add at this point is that I getting a slightly better performance on 64k buffer size.

          When I look at the time output, although 28.3 seconds elapsed - the system (user+sys values) only spent 6.7 sec to accomplish the task

          The rest of the real time spent on other the other tasks happening in the background, unless I am misreading something.

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            Yes something is wrong here:


            - Write caching does not work

            - 17.x MB write performance should be ok, I hope we can get more.


            Usually larger buffers are better because the system can write it in one go, 32k and higher should be fine.


            Lets see what other and Intel guys say.


            Regards Helmut

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              > Lets see what other and Intel guys say.


              A note that it wasn't that much of a performance increase for me for 64k vs 1M.

              You refer to 17x MB again, when I calculate 512M / 6.7s I get a value of 76.4MB/sec ...

              personally I would look towards quieting some of the background tasks to reduce the overall time.

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                for writing 512 MB in 64k block  dd takes 27 secs which is 19.5 MB/sec

                # time dd if=/dev/zero bs=64k count=8000 of=xx

                real 0m26.989s

                user 0m0.030s

                sys 0m6.250s

                27 seconds is time total time for me, it says 6.25 sec sys (which is kernel time) the remaining 20 seconds are probably wait for IO time which is not counted for CPU time in the kernel. There is no other task active.

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                  so, when you check journalctl, you are saying there are no other tasks?  Mine appeared to be quite chatty.

                  I am not stating it does account for the total of the 20 second difference, rather I am refuting your claim to no other tasks,

                  and only to the point that there may be some other methods for you to make some gains -- that was your objective.