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    Windows 8.1 got DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION


      Hi, I just got the Edison board a few days ago, and want to test some simple Arduino project.

      Currently I use Arduino IDE 1.5.3-Intel 1.0.4. Connected the microUSB port(near the power) to PC. Every PC had installed two drivers, so there will be a Virtual COM appearance. I can ssh using this COM port, or use Arduino IDE to deploy(upload) to Edison, and everything seems working.


      But sometimes the PC got BSOD with information: DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION.

      I encountered this many times, and on different device(Surface Pro, Yoga, and BRIX-N2807, all are installed Windows 8.1 with the newest update). I never got BSOD before, and every time I got BSOD, is on monitoring Edison using COM or deploying the sketch. Before BSOD, the screen would be got freeze, cursor wouldn't move, no touch response. About 1 minute later, BSOD appears. And Edison also got freeze. After reboot Edison(with usb disconnected), I sshed into Edison and found crashlog under home directory. The attached file is one of crashlogs.

      One of my friends using Windows XP to develop Edison, he only said the computer would not response when monitoring a sketch, but no BSOD, and this just appears once.

      Edison image: downloaded from Intel site and install wyliodrin support on it, no other software installed.


      So, maybe Windows 8.1 + COM communication with Edison + Arduino IDE + some unknown "lucky" => DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION ?


      btw, I used Raspberry Pi before, is Edison can run multiple sketch at the same time? So when debugging one instance, the others would still running.


      Many thanks!