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    D54250WK Video lagging/Stuttering


      I have the latest Intel HD5000 Graphics drivers, I have Windows 8.1 64x....Fresh install. When watching a video through Chrome/Youtube, or from my server on XBMC, I have getting video lag/stutter. I have tried numerous reformats, numerous videos/sources etc... All the same. Any ideas?

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          What is the Intel Graphics Driver version you are currently running on the computer?


          File name: win64_15367.exe

          Have you tried updating computer BIOS?


          Did you load any free video codec?



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            I have the latest drivers -


            And the latest BIOS...


            I do not/shouldn't need codecs as they're built into XBMC.


            Even youtube has this stutter, so it's something to do with the NUC.

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              This is not necessarily a video issue.  Could be a NIC or network issue.  Have you tried up loading video onto the NUC locally so its not using the network? If it still happens then it is video related if it does not then it is your Network or NIC.  Do Speed test and check NIC settings.  Does same video run OK on another device connected to same network?  Do a little trouble shooting and let me know.



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                Ok, I have stored media on the NUC Msata, played it, and lags. I have tried VLC with all codecs, windows media player etc... Lags.


                Something definitely to do with the NUC.


                How does warranty go with buying O/S? I purchased this NUC from Amazon but like in Australia......it takes a good 15min to move the ethernet cable to get it to engage with the NUC ethernet port and work, same as the display port, it's so fiddly, you can't just plug them in, you have to sit there and fiddle with the cables until you hit the "sweet" spot and it connects....Maybe I just got a dud NUC?

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                  It seems like a problem with the Intel driver for DXVA.  Myself and many others have this same problem with videos and YouTube, etc.  If you are using a laptop with Optimus and another dedicated video card, switching affected apps to use the dedicated card resolves the issue albeit by using more battery.