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    no video signal on marantz avr


      Hello all


      I have a D54250WYK hooked up to my marantz sr5008, but I don't get any signal over hdmi (not even in the bios). Tried changing ports and cables, but no joy.

      When I hook the nuc up to my TV (samsung 55HU7500), using the same cable, I do get a signal. The strange thing is: if I boot the nuc while connected to the TV, then plug it into the avr things work perfectly.


      It's not that the nuc is now completely useless as an HTPC, but having to change the wiring every time I want to watch a movie isn't exactly the user experience I was hoping for.


      Can anyone here help me out with this?


      The specs:

      i5 nuc D54250WYK (bios version 0032)

      Marantz sr5008 (latest firmware version)

      Samsung 55HU7500 (also latest firmware)

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          I am not from Intel, and the following is only a guess since I don't have that receiver.

          The receiver manual around page 151 (English) defaults to On for video conversion.  I wonder if results might change if you turn video conversion off.

          Also the receiver manual around page 203 describes video conversion and lists supported resolutions which do not seem to include 1024x768.

          I believe that Intel revised all modern NUCs to make the initial/BIOS display be 1024x768, often very small/centered in modern HD monitors or TVs.  I don't know why they changed this from earlier (which typically worked full size).

          I assume you set some supported resolution in your OS, and not sure why you can't get booted back to such resolution.  I wonder if result might change if you were able to get into the BIOS and disable the Boot-Video Optimization (but be careful - I don't know how hard it might be to switch that setting back if it fails).

          And I did not look up your TV manual, but sometimes there is a particular input (such as the first) which is the one which best supports computer resolutions (such as 1024x768).  If your TV has such difference, consider that when thinking about where your receiver cable goes to.

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            Thank for your reply dougho


            Video conversion on the receiver is off, so that won't be the culprit. I can't find any option that looks like video optimization in the boot section of the bios, has that option maybe changed names in recent versions?

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              Robin_P, some products are experiencing audio issues related to HDMI.  You would be able to find additional information on the following link. The information provided was given by an Intel Engineer. https://communities.intel.com/message/218663#218663    


              We always recommend customers to use straight connection. In your case, the receiver is working as an adapter. That could be the reason of the behavior you are getting when it is between the NUC and the TV.


              We tried to make as many third party components compatible as possible, but do to the sheer quantity of these third party components we cannot always guarantee compatibility.


              You can also try installing the latest Graphics drivers available  Intel® Download Center

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                Hi Silvia


                The problem I have is not with audio only, this is the entire hdmi signal (at least I think audio doesn't work either, I can't really test that without seeing what I'm doing).


                I've tried installing the latest drivers (I'm running linux btw), but that did more bad than good really (started getting weird behavior in xbmc). It also shouldn't change the fact that I can't see the bios or any boot messages.

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                  It is not convenient for me to get into BIOS setup on my NUC (they are in use), but if you have not tried the "Advanced" section, be sure to do that before then looking at the Boot section.  I think it was on the left hand side in a section headed something like Fast Boot.  Again, I suggest being careful making such changes if you are not familiar with Intel BIOS such as how to get going again if the setting causes you trouble.

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                    Hi Robin,


                    Did you solve your problem?

                    I seem to be having the excact same issue. Only I use a Denon AVR-2113 receiver.

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                      Similar problem here - also with a Denon AVR-2113. But my old NUC-D54250WYK1 worked fine. I just upgraded to the new model - NUC-5i5RYK - and no HDMI signal gets passed. Totally stumped.

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                        Interesting solution to my issue: I thought I would swap the old unit back and see if it would work, and no signal there either! The only thing that had changed was I had used a new micro-HDMI cable with the new unit, and just kept it when I swapped the old one back. The old had been using a mini-DisplayPort cable. Hmmm. Switched to the mini-DP cable, put the new NUC in, and all is fine.


                        I don't think the HDMI cable is bad - it works fine when connected directly to a monitor - but I do think there is maybe a priority amongst the video ports, maybe? Anyway, problem solved for me.

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                          Same thing here. Found an old mDP -> HDMI adapter and used the displayport. This works fine with the Denon receiver. So I'll just be using this solution. I don't think there is any problem with the m-hdmi cable. This is a high quality cable I bought. Anyway, found a work-around.